After a good night sleep in our hotel in Houston we met for breakfast in the hotel, had team devotions and made plans as to how we would spend the rest of the day since our flight didn’t depart from Houston until 6:15pm. The hotel had a noon check out but agreed to hold our bags in a secure area while we were gone. We found an aquarium/zoo within a mile of the hotel and decided to head there as a team. Those who knew how to Uber ordered rides for us and we were off. Several hours later we caught Uber back to the hotel, grabbed our things and caught the shuttle to the airport.
Once at the airport it took FOREVER to get our new boarding passes and get through TSA. Only one team member had to get pulled aside and go through it all over again…. All over a couple ounces of water that were left in a water bottle! We were all quite hungry at this point and split into groups to find late lunches. Our plane took off as scheduled and we had a great flight to Quito.
Because of our missed and re scheduled flight we missed an entire day of our trip which meant we didn’t get to do any of the touring events that had been planned for today. We are hoping that we can do something on Sunday before we depart, but need to see how that works in our schedule.  The bus that picked us up at the airport took us directly to our destination in Cayambe which was almost an hour away by bus. We are at a new place this year for our lodging. Half of our group is in a small house and the rest of us are in some really cute tents… We’re “glamping”. It was hard to appreciate anything other than a soft warm bed after the past 2 days of travel and changed plans, but these new a comodations seem pretty good.