Day 11 – Return Home


We landed in Houston this morning at 5am after a 5 hour flight. Most of our tram slept the entire way back, and even missed the food and beverage service. We are currently sitting in the airport in Houston taking turns getting breakfast and coffee, sleeping, playing games and just being happy to almost be home. Most of the people who did not feel well last night are feeling better this morning. The fire alarms have been malfunctioning in the Houston Airport and continue to go off but we have been told there is no fire and we do not need to evacuate. The alarms make it a bit difficult to rest, but some are managing! Our flight from Houston to Minneapolis leaves at noon and we should arrive back in River Falls by 4:30 pm.


Thank you so much for your prayer and support through this trip. We hope that you will continue to pray for the people of Lote Tres as well.