What’s a Year Hold? Finding Mid-Year Encouragement

Hard to believe but we are half way through 2013. How's it going for you? Do you still remember those New Year resolutions? Is life turning out how you hoped...or is it a year of leaning a lot more on God bringing good from difficulty? Let's face it...those can be tough years.

In order to give you some encouragement, we have reviewed some of this year's posts by themes. May God lead you to a well-timed word whether in joy or in difficulty. You can also continue the conversations there leaving your own comments and stories.

Are you a creative Christ-follower and looking for some inspiration in your calling? Check out our call to creative Christ-followers here.

Want to hear an amazing story about how a response to God's still, small voice rippled out to impact others? Checkout this FirstCov'ers story of how 40 letters led to powerful moments with God and others.

Learn about living the spiritual life in the now:

Ever wonder if "secular" work matters to God? Learn more here.

Want to be inspired in prayer by some FirstCov prayer stories or the 2013 Prayer Vigil summary. Check this out.

Wondering how to get along with others? Check out this infographic on introverts.

If you are a parent, moms might find encouragement here and dads here.

If you are wondering about who you are or trying to help someone figure this out, check out these on spiritual identity theft or helping others develop a sense of who they are.

Looking for some wisdom on pointing children/youth/young adults to Christ, join us in the current Sticky Faith series. You can subscribe here.

Wherever you're at, great or difficult times, check out His Word today. Keep pressing on toward the goal!

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