What is the “Focus on Life” Ministry?

FirstCov's Social Concerns Ministry Team is introducing a new ministry initiative called “Focus on Life.” With opportunity for us to be the church in the world, expressing God's kingdom, these are great ideas for families as well as small groups and individuals. Learn about it below and catch there list for this ministry year's themes. (And stay up on their news, and all blog offerings, by subscribing on the right.)


As part of it dual purpose of informing and advocating in areas of social concern, the Social Concerns Ministry Team will initiate an ongoing series of monthly awareness and action campaigns that shine a spotlight on an area of concern in our local area and/ the world in which god given life is threatened or devalued.  This may be the result of human cruelty or in some cases a combination of human and natural forces at work.  An example would be the situation in East Africa in which millions of children and adults are facing starvation and death due to drought, war, and disease.  Each month beginning in September, a different problem area will be the focus for that month.

Purpose Statement

As followers of Christ, we believe that the taking or degradation of human live is offensive to God, yet there are circumstances all around the globe as well as at home where just this is happening on a daily basis.  The purpose of the “Focus on Life” initiative is to highlight one of these areas of inhumanity and encourage our congregation members to take notice and get involved.  More specifically, it is the intention of the Ministry Team to:

  1. Raise the awareness of the congregation to the topic of the month by providing background information such as facts and statistics aimed at bringing home the magnitude of the problem.
  2. Provide the congregation with specific prayer needs related to the area of focus for the month.
  3. Make suggestions as to how congregation members can make tangible contributions to the lessening of suffering. This could include financial assistance as well as volunteer opportunities.

Our hope is that families and individual congregation members would adopt this monthly focus as an integral part of their prayer life as well as to consider how they might take a more active role in helping to reduce or eliminate the suffering associated with monthly topic.  Furthermore, as a church we desire to be more compassionate and forward leaning as we attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this struggling world.

Themes for 2017-18

The Social Concerns Team has selected the following areas of concern for the upcoming months:

  • September, 2017:  Starvation in East Africa
  • October, 2017:  Domestic Violence
  • November, 2017:  The Refugee Crisis
  • December, 2017:  Homelessness
  • January, 2018:  Abortion
  • February: 2018:  Human Trafficking
  • March:  2018:  The Persecuted Church
  • April, 2018:  Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • May, 2018:  Mental Health
  • June, 2018:  Disease Epidemics

See the Social Concerns Ministry Team for more info: Chuck Sambs (Ministry Team Leader), Gary Sumner, Rod Hanson, Neil Vance, and Gregg Quam

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