What Can Happen in 40-Days? (Growing in Lent)

A desert.

40 Days.

A Savior.

The Devil.

Today we'll look at a story of Christ's testing and tempting, how you can grow during Lent...and enjoy some good music and creative story telling in the video below.

Matthew 4:1-11  provides an account just BEFORE Jesus began his public ministry. A time of solitude and of fasting...40 days worth. 

The devil showed up at the end when Christ is physically weak. The temptations came in waves...striking at Jesus identity. Temptations to control God's timing, to distrust/test God, and to worship the things of this world over God.

Complete with a twisting of Scripture, the devil seeks to lead Christ away from the Father's mission for him to bring the kingdom through a cross and death...and resurrection.

Sometimes it is what the 40-days is building toward...

Lent serves as a 40-day time for us to repent of sin, remember and reflect upon Christ's example in life and sacrifice, considering our temptations and where we struggle to trust God. At the end, this 40-day period culminates in the Easter celebration of Christ's work on the cross for us.

A few ideas for the Lent season:

  • Subscribe to BibleGateway's Lenten & Easter email devotions. Check it out here. 
  • Fast or give up something. (1 day a week, everyday, etc.) Learn about fasting here.
  • Commit to prayer or engaging God's Word more in this time. (Read the gospels, etc.)

What do you plan to do for this Lent? How has God used Lent in your Easter preparation?

Enjoy the creative video depiction of the Matthew 4 events with a song from Matt Maher below. (If your browser does not display it, click here.)

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