Wednesday update

Wednesday breakfast and it definitely looks like hump day.  Yesterday we all went to the school.  Many played with the kids outside in the drizzle and many came to the meeting with the teachers.  It was wonderful to see the faces of three teachers, two who have been here since the first trip.  I was smothered with hugs and smiles - truly a homecoming.  There are now seven teachers at the school.  This is because the school is now a state school rather than a Covenant school.  This has really been an improvement as they have improved conditions and student/teacher ratio.  They are free to continue teaching Christ - so the curriculum hasnt really changed.  All seven teachers are Christians and all seven are delightful.  Diane and I are going back today and tomorrow to address Math instruction and behavior modification.  Diane holds her own very well in Spanish!  I'm so jealous!  Next time I'll know more.  Adios!  I miss you mi nietos!  Sue

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  1. We all miss you too! Matthew keeps asking when you come home, and keeps saying he misses you. Great to hear from you last night. See you soon.

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