Vitality: March 2019 Prayer Point

Our prayer this month focuses on one of the ten Healthy Missional Markers in the Vitality Pathway Process. By “healthy” we mean pursuing Christ. By “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. It is our fervent prayer that FirstCov becomes a healthy missional church.

Not only do these markers help us to listen to the Holy Spirit, they are also expressions of the Holy Spirit working through us.

Learn more below about this month’s marker, “Culture of Godly Leadership”.

“Culture of Godly Leadership” as a Missional Marker means:

  • Our leaders at all levels serve with character, competence, and conviction.
  • A spirit of collegiality pervades, with our people trusting our leaders and our leaders trusting our people.
  • We continually identify and train godly leaders for all dimensions of our ministry.

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” Hebrews 13:7

Your Calling or Just a Job?

A recent Barna study noted that:

  • Among Christians, 34% feel called to the work they currently do (among those presently employed)
  • Among Evangelicals: 55% feel called to the work they currently do
  • Young Christians are less likely to feel called to their work than older Christians (31% vs 36%)

So, if many Christians don’t necessarily feel called to the work they’re doing, what does that mean?

The Barna study asked employed Christian adults if they believe God is calling them to do something else in terms of work, but they have not been willing to make a change yet because of their current life situation. Overall, about one out of ten working Christians (9%) agreed strongly with that feeling and another quarter (26%) agreed somewhat, totaling one-third of today’s employed Christians (35%) who are experiencing this kind of tension about their calling. Among younger Christians though, nearly half (44%) are feeling this disconnect between their perceived calling from God and the realities of their current employment.

Let our prayers be heard this month, that the FirstCov church family walks with purpose in uncovering and using their spiritual gifts, regularly teaches the importance of financial stewardship, and are intentional in positioning God  as a priority in the lives of the church.

Will you pray?

Heavenly Father, You are our wonderful, merciful God. You formed each of us in Your own image, yet gave us each distinct gifts and abilities to work in community with one another. You desire us to walk alongside and lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ. You call us to lead non-believers into a relationship with You. We humbly come before You today, asking that You remove the veil over our eyes, so that we can see the calling You have for our lives, that we take those scary leaps of faith in Your name, and that we continue to actively pursue living our lives reaching up to You and out to others. Raise up godly leaders at FirstCov, give them the ability to speak for those who cannot, and convict their hearts to lead Your church to become a church that is known for the love we have for You. We love You and thank You for the many wonderful blessings You have given. We especially praise You for sending Your Son Jesus to save us from our sins, and for the Holy Spirit to live within us. We ask all of these things in Jesus’ perfect name, Amen.

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