Vitality: June 2017 Prayer Points

From our Vitality Team: Our congregational vitality process depends upon God while serving His purposes in the world. The result will be a healthy, missional church. Please pray with us, in thanks, praise, and petitions, with these important notes below.

Vitality Team Prayer PointsJune 2017 

  1. Continued Prayer for the “Congregational Vitality Process” Pathway - We recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who awakens the church for mission and we pray that we will be open to what the Spirit is saying to our church.
  2. Pray for the Vitality Team - Pastor Todd, Pastor Brian, Jeff Carow, Tom Nelson, Steve Schalla, Krista Majerus, Tom Nelson, Robert and Lindsey Curtis, Melissa Falde, Chris Mueller, and Pat Stevens serve on this team. The team is meeting monthly.
  3. Seeking Response from Whole Congregation - We want everyone to provide feedback regarding what our church is doing well or what needs improvement/change as we discern God’s direction.
  4. Relational Covenant – On May 18th, the Leadership Team approved the new covenant. The covenant gives us a shared understanding of how to have conversations that are civil, compassionate, and Christ honoring. We acknowledge that the journey of vitality can be adventurous, and the covenant will be an invitation to relate to others in a way that pleases God and strengthens the church.
  5. Bible Workshop – Chris Mueller, a member of our Vitality Team, is coordinating a June 17th There, church members will pray, share and seek the Holy Spirit’s discernment to discover a Biblical story that best represents our church’s current situation. This will be used as a frame of reference throughout the Vitality Pathway as outlined at Veritas.
  6. Prayer Team - The prayer warriors that have committed to keeping the Vitality Pathway process covered with intentional prayer are: Bob Hoaglund, Bill and Jean Hickox, Linda (Steve) Johnson, Tina Hull, Sandy Payfer, Jake Jacobs, Danielle Ertsgaard, Angie Branum, Bob and Deb Gilbertson and Joy St. John. They will receive monthly prayer points. The Clarion will also list these points and we hope everyone will partner with the members of this team.
  7. Communicate – Our church blog now has a category to Vitality Team news. Don't miss an update, subscribe to the blog (on the right here)! Check out all Vitality posts here.
  8. Internal Profile – The team is beginning a process to get an accurate picture of our church family. A more detailed analysis of our church will occur when we get to the “Pulse” survey conducted by our conference (taken by all members and regular attendees).
  9. External Profile – The team is beginning a process to get a clear picture of the community around us by building a demographic profile. This will be a helpful overview for the Strategic Ministry Plan for the church.
  10. History – A process for learning highlights of our church history has begun. God has been faithful to our church family and through our rich history; we can inspire and direct the vitality efforts.
  11. Praise – Our church family is blessed with passionate Sunday School teachers who have love for God and children. We rejoice that an affirming evening of sharing was held, allowing for dialogue and unity among the teachers.

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