On the (Vitality) Journey: Our Story and Next Steps

Catch some updates and story of our congregational vitality journey from Vitality Team members, Melissa Falde and Pastor Brian Majerus.

Where We’ve Been

What a time! A year ago our Congregational Vitality (CV) journey began using a resource of our denomination and Northwest Conference called Pathway to Vitality.”  Catch parts of that journey here.

The first (of three) workshops was Veritas: Telling the Truth about Congregational Vitality.  We looked at four church types and the goal of a Healthy Missional Church. By “healthy” we mean pursuing ChristBy “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. Using Scriptural truths and missional markers we assessed our vitality as a stable church with a desire to become a healthy missional church.

Recently, the second workshop, EPIC: Empowering People, Inspiring Change helped us explore how to change, not what to change. We developed further language of vitality, the ten healthy missional markers, and tools for leading healthy missional change.

Over all this time, the Vitality Team (VT) served in forming a Relational Covenant and a Prayer Team. Coordinating a Biblical Story session, we thought the story of Joshua best symbolized our church’s current story. Finally, a CV booklet, with information and research by the VT was given to you recently. (See the office to get it.)

Where We Are

We are currently nearing the halfway point in the journey. As the CV resources share: “As Joshua led the Israelites to the Jordan River, we too are not going back to Egypt; we are moving forward. We are learning to think like a healthy missional church and want to continue in this process, so that the Gospel will burn more brightly and warmly.”  And we are preparing for more…

Where We are Going

We are registered for PULSE: A Congregational Vitality Assessment Tool, a survey to measure our current reality and trajectory with CV markers. In April, all those ages 12 and up will be invited to a 30-minute online assessment. To be accurate, we want A LOT of people to be a part so, to make it most accessible, computers (and help!) will be available. This survey is a vital part of the overall Vitality Pathway process, so we need each person (member and regular attendee) to complete it.

Also, learn more about the ten healthy missional markers (and encourage your small group to study these) with resources and info here.

A Deepest Thank You…

…to those at the recent EPIC workshop and ALL of you joining us on this journey. As John Kramka, the Director of Congregational Vitality, shared from Psalm 127: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”  Missed EPIC? Stop by the office for a recording of our session or check out the DVD in the office (includes the parts we didn’t get to).

...and may we pray with and for one another, following the light God alone can give!

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