Vitality: February 2018 Prayer Points

Join us as we continue to pray and seek God's call for FirstCov in this season of ministry. Our hope is that our faithfulness today will serve those who are part of FirstCov tomorrow. Check out this post and stay up to date on information and know how to pray as we continue on the journey toward being a healthy, missional church.

  1. Continued Prayer for the “Congregational Vitality Process” Pathway - Vitality is about life, passion and awakening. Fruit happens when the Holy Spirit touches human activity. We recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who awakens the church for mission and we pray that we will be open to what the Spirit is saying to our church.
  2. Pray for the Vitality Team - Pastor Todd, Pastor Brian, Jeff Carow, Tom Nelson, Steve Schalla, Krista Majerus, Tom Nelson, Robert Curtis, Melissa Falde, Chris Mueller, and Pat Stevens serve on this team. The team met on January 11th and will meet again on February 8th.
  3. Relational Covenant – That we would integrate the covenant into the normal and natural life of the church, as it is a physical reminder that the way we relate to each other in Christian love is a powerful witness. Read about it here.
  4. Biblical Story Workshop – Joshua 1:1-11 (Preparing to cross the Jordan River) best represents our church and will be used as a frame of reference throughout the Pathway process. The Holy Spirit was alive and moving through the fellowship and successful journey to seek this powerful bible story. Read about the time here. Pastor Todd is currently delivering a Sermon series, entitled: "Joshua: Overcoming Challenges to Experiencing God's Promises".
  5. Prayer Team – The Wednesday night prayer team is praying for the Vitality Team pathway process. In addition, the Vitality prayer warriors that have committed to keeping the Vitality Pathway process covered with intentional prayer are: Bob Hoaglund, Bill and Jean Hickox, Linda (Steve) Johnson, Tina Hull, Sandy Payfer, Jake Jacobs, Danielle Ertsgaard, Angie Branum, and Bob and Deb Gilbertson. The Clarion also lists these points and we hope everyone will partner with the members of this team.
  6. Communicate – The Vitality Summary booklet was distributed on January 28th at the Congregational Meeting, which provides the data gathered and tasks completed by the Vitality Team. Stay up to date and informed in these ways:
    1. Subscribe to the church blog (on the right side at to have up-to-date information sent directly to your in-box
    2. Follow at
    3. Monthly Covenant Clarion article
    4. Church Announcements and all-church emails
  7. Looking Forward – The EPIC workshop reminded us that all living things change. It also gave us the tools for leading healthy, missional change. Pray for the discernment to hear how God wants the congregation to move forward on the Vitality Pathway. God has been working in and through the church; He has equipped each of us with gifts that are valuable to this process and will ultimately bring the glory back to Him.

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