Top 12 Reasons to Attend Something at the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) Annual Meeting

12. A faith-inspiring and fun activity for your small group to encourage one another’s growth in Christ (Have dinner and attend a worship service, the family picnic, etc.).

11. Worship opportunities each night with Bob Stromberg providing humor after Saturday’s worship.

10. An excellent website for finding things to check out (Main Site and Schedule).

9. Free Breakfast for High School students and families by North Park University. Come learn about the school (Call 773.244.5574 or during the Annual Meeting: 773.960.5412) to reserve a place. OK to leave a voice message.)!

8. An international event…hosted across the nation…and this year it is less than an hour away!

7. Get to know the larger Christian community that FirstCov is associated (Imagine if the eyes never took time to look at the hair or the arm refused to comb with the eye’s vision…you get the idea… (Rom 12, 1 Cor 12).

6. Renew your vision of following God with great speakers! Click here for info.

5. A family festival and picnic (Click here) on Sat., June 26 at Raspberry Island so your family can further engage with God’s people throughout the nation & world.

4. It’s been 125 years of the ECC serving God…what’s been going on?! Learn, worship, celebrate!

3. This “side of heaven”, when will you get this close to worshipping in a wider Christian community of various tongues, tribes, and nations (Rev 7:9-12)?!

2. See God’s work throughout the world…within 45 minutes of home!

1. Worship God the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit celebrating His work in the world!!!

Check out the website at

- Brian Majerus

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