The What & Why of 2018’s God’s Story: A Chronological Bible Challenge

Over the years, we've had many who have enjoyed this approach to reading the whole Bible, so it's back! Learn about this year's plan as well as why and how to do it!

If you are already set to join and explore God's story in the whole Bible, sign up here.

Every two years we offer this opportunity to encourage us to read all of Scripture. This is for you whether you just want to read it or also learn more from the notes and videos we send. Check out key info below and these posts that give good ideas of why to engage the whole Bible, as well as the "story order" approach.

In around 15-20 minutes per day, get the whole picture of God’s work and teaching as you see different parts of Scripture interweave together in history/story order. Sign up here or see Pastor Brian or the office for help or to buy paper copies of this year’s plan.

Why do it? 

  • See the interweave and connections as Paul’s letters connect with the actual time in the book of Acts. Or read of David’s sin with Bathsheba in the book of Samuel and then his repentant response in Psalm 51.
  • 2018’s plan is “Reading God’s Story” by Dr. Guthrie:
    • breaks down below the chapter level to see historical relationships. (Such as John 1:1-3 in the early days about creation, etc.)
    • …has you read only 6 daysso there is one day for catch up each week!
    • …has an online version OR paper copy options.

Resources: Prayer, Notes & Videos

  • You can do on your own but if you sign up we’ll pray for you through the year AND send encouraging, informative notes and videos connected to the books of the Bible.
  • Notes/Videos are sent… according to this year’s app/paper version by Dr. Guthrie. (No problem to do another version…you’ll just be a few days off.)   
  • Sign Up Here! Or contact the office for help or to buy a paper copy.

Read/Listen in a Chronological Bible - THREE OPTIONS:

Don’t like to read? Listen!

The electronic versions lets you listen for FREE! Just seek out getting the whole counsel of Scripture and see how God works.

We look forward to going through this together! Come join us.

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