The Child Makeover Activities—3 Tools to Help the Family Grow in Faith Together

Much of the theme of the book we have been reading (Faith Begins at Home: The Family Makeover With Christ at the Center) has been about parents engaging their children with the faith each day through everyday ways. In this, we’ve discussed significant passages about this such as Deuteronomy 6.

This week are some concrete ideas to find daily oportunities. A brief summary of some potential activities were:

  • Faith-Talk (Can buy cards at
    • Examples such as: What is the one trait of your mother or father you value the most? OR Talk about something that happened to you recently that made you pause and thank God.
  • Praying Together
    • Newspaper Prayer—Take turns praying for issues in the world.
    • Sentence Prayer  (Give the beginning of the sentence and let each family member complete it.)
      • “Lord, I thank You for…”
      • “Lord, forgive me for…”
      • “Lord, give me the courage to…”
    • Highs & Lows—Share one of each from the day and then pray together.
    • Prayer Journal—Keep a family list of prayer requests and note the answers that come in (whether yes, no, or not yet.)
    • ACTS Prayer—Pray through: Adoration (adoring God for who He is), Confession (Confess sins and wrongs), Thanksgiving (Give Him specific thanks for things), Supplication (Lift up areas of need.)
  • Family Service Projects
    • What could your family do, without being asked, to help a neighbor?
    • What is something your family could do to help at church?

Remember that getting things started is the hardest part, so pray for your family, find a regular time to practice these and keep it up!

THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSION: (Join the conversation below in the “Comments” link.)

  • What gets your faith conversations started? What times work best?

For Next Week: Read Chapter 4—The Extended Family Makeover

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