FirstCov’er Story: Marriage Reconciliation…It Happens!

Reconciliation Statue

Reconciliation Statue

Is there hope for marriage after divorce?

After a great weekend of reflecting on honoring marriage with our Date Night Challenge and the message on Valentine's Day, this testimony was shared from a FirstCov'er. It is a great reminder that God works miracles and never to lose hope in the marriages around you. As we explored in that Sunday's message, be a good back up singer for the marriages around you! Enjoy...and rejoice.

I couldn't believe my ears!  At a Bible Camp retreat, my brother was requesting prayer for our parents' marriage.  Why couldn't he face reality?  After over 20 years of marriage, our parents were divorced.  Our mother was living with another man. 

Fast forward one year.  Our mother had asked forgiveness from God, our dad, and each family member.  She returned to our dad, and they had remarried.  Until death separated them many years later, their love and respect for one another were obvious to all who knew them.

Instead of feeling embarrassed regarding my brother's prayer request, I feel embarrassed that I didn't join him in believing that God would answer this prayer.  God loves us and wants to bless our marriages.  He answers prayer!


Thanks to the FirstCov'er for sharing this. We are blessed as we share our stories. If you have other marriage testimonies or stories, please let me know.

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