FirstCov’er Story: A Son on the Brink

We often love our family and the Lord dearly...but there can be challenges. One of our own, Val Wellnitz, shares a story of when God brought her son through his darkest days.

My son Bud was married young with a child on the way. He took a job as an electrician, where the men he worked with drank while on the job and after work as well.

It wasn’t long before Bud began down that destructive road.

As his family grew, drinking, financial problems and marital struggles increased. For ten years, Satan was out to kill, steal and destroy Bud and his family. After moving to Wilmer, MN for another electrician job, Bud felt God speaking to him.

One Sunday, as he was getting ready for church with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, God told Bud that he needed to change his sinful ways, and turn back to Him.

Two months later, Bud entered Teen Challenge. He was admitted at supper time and was having a hard time with the withdrawal symptoms. When Bud asked for something to relieve his pain, the staff told him that all of the medicine was locked up for the night. This made Bud very angry, so he went into his room, slammed his fist into the wall and yelled at God, saying, “You have taken everything from me, You can take this too!” In that moment, God answered him by freeing him of all addictions and withdrawal symptoms.

While at Teen Challenge, Bud was inspired by all the boys and men who were lost in addictions of many kinds. After Teen Challenge, he quit his electrician job and following the Lord’s direction, became a counselor at a boy’s correctional facility.

For several years, Bud learned much about hurting and broken youth who were searching for answers and hope. When a youth leader position became available at his church, Bud felt called to step in. God gave Bud a heart for serving the youth, so he became a licensed youth minister and is currently working toward being ordained.

Val reminds us that God is in the business of working miracles, and her son is one of them. Please continue to pray for their family, that Bud's work will continue to glorify God as he continues his ministry.

And don't give up on praying for your own!

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