Sharing Jesus

There is truly “good news” to share about the hope that comes in Jesus Christ! At FirstCov, we know our brokenness and sin impact our lives deeply and create a distance from God.

But we also know that’s not the end of the story.

We believe there is an answer found in Jesus, who lived a perfect life as the Son of God among us, died for our sins, and then rose from the dead. We put our faith in Him because we don’t believe faith in our self is the place to start.

So just know we are a people in need that have found something different in Jesus.

And we want to share that with others.

And we hope you do too. Below are some resources to check out on this.

  • Share Jesus – Go and Give Life (5 Day Devo with video stories and good ideas from the Bible app) - Link
  • Personal Evangelism Resources from the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism - Link
  • Plan of Salvation - Link
  • Bridge Illustration - Link
  • Just Walk Across the Room (a book and DVD-based small group study available free for borrowing in the FirstCov Group study library. Hear more - Link)
  • Various resources from ReKindle: Engaging Gospel Converstions (partnership of Billy Graham Center for Evangelism and Q Place) - Link

Share Stories

It’s always interesting to hear one another’s story and God’s story is woven there already. Sometimes you get to all of these or just one…but see how God works as you get to know people.

  • Ask their story (of life or specifically on faith or religion).
  • Share your story toward Christ.
    • Try your “Before Christ”/”After Christ” story OR
    • Share about a challenge/problem time of life Jesus helped you.
    • Often the gospel message easily can come forth in our story.
  • Invite a response or simply check in.
    • Such as “What do you think/feel about our discussion?” or even inviting to receive and follow Christ.
  • Hopefully you want to hear their thoughts on what you’ve shared.

If you need more ideas for sharing Jesus, or to pray about this, please contact the pastors or staff. We are happy to help you share the good news.