Satan’s Greatest Tricks and Delights

road-sky-clouds-cloudyStruggle with sin? We all do.

And, even with the victory of Easter, the resurrection, that we just celebrated, Satan is still hard at work in your life. What should you watch for?

As we move forward from the solemn, but also victorious, themes of Holy Week and Easter, a Christian is always celebrating the cross and the resurrection. As part of this, God's enemy becomes ours. And there is nothing Satan prefers than to lead any of God's followers away from God's holy and healing presence in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In this, he seeks to lead you astray. Tim Challies explores two worthwhile themes in this post, so check it out for more info.

Satan’s great joy is to convince you that the sin you are about to commit is very small and the sin you have just committed is very large.

May the Easter victory of Christ over sin help you fight Satan's deceptions and judgments on you. Allow your sin to move you toward a holy God who was willing to provide the way for you. Allow your sin to deepen your walk in the gospel in turning to Jesus.

There is freedom in Christ! He is risen.

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  1. This is a great reflection, indeed the weapon we must daily use is God's Word and prayer to kill sin.
    • Pastor Brian
      Good word Nick. Challies touches well on the "life to the full" Christ brought. Where sin can be seen correctly in view of the hope the gospel grants us in Jesus Christ. Not too much, not too little...but in it all, the glory of God.

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