Reading as Parenting?

5 Reasons to Read

What role do books play in your parenting? Is it really important? This thoughtful piece explores five reasons to read aloud to our kids. Take another look at this "old" resource of books and reading aloud together as you carry out your role as the primary discipler of your children. Happy reading!

Thinking carefully about reading to our kids can help us do it better in a way that will help us and them better steward the gift of intellect that God gives each one of us. John Stodt said that “the secret of holy living lies in the mind.” Books help us steward our children’s minds because it is what we know and understand that drives and directs how we feel and what we do. Reading out loud to our children is a potentially a powerful parenting tool when it is done intentionally and biblically.

The five reasons? Read more about each of them at the article.

1. Reading builds relationships and memories.

2. Reading to our children helps us understand them.

3. Reading to our children develops intellect.

4. Reading to our children fosters understanding.

5. Reading to our children shapes character.


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