Prayer Habit


(Taken from Life On Mission by Tim Harlow)

If you find yourself going for days without remembering to stop and acknowledge God, let me help you out. I realize that praying continually doesn’t always come naturally to us self-absorbed humans, and Satan is going to try to do everything he possibly can to district you from prayer. So if this is you, if you’ve let clutter get in the way of your dialogue, here are some ideas to establish the habit.

Try driving in silence. Shut the radio off for awhile. Use your commute to talk to God—and listen.

Get an app. There are a ton of Bible apps out there, get one that sends you a verse every day. Who doesn’t need to be interrupted by truth?

Put some [sticky notes] up on your mirror, your dash, your front door.

Put a reminder on your phone or computer. Seriously. Create a reminder that pops up every single hour. We check our text and email alerts religiously, don’t we? That habit already exists. Set yourself a reminder to stop throughout the day and continue your conversation with God.

I want to challenge you to do it at 10:02 every day. Stop—set your alarm right now. AM or PM—or both, I don’t care. Luke 10:02 (NIV) is the verse that says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Click here to download a calendar event to pray each day at 10:02 AM