Prayer Vigil 2013 Testimonies & Praises

Ever wonder what comes from 24-hours of prayer? Boredom? Sleep?

This past weekend was our 2nd Annual 24-Hour Prayer Vigil. Some wonder what happens with such a long time so we thought we'd pass along a bit of the fruit of the time.

Feel free to share your reflections or testimonies through the "Comments" section  below.

Here are a few testimonies & praises:

God's timing is so good! The person I was praying for came in just after I prayed for their request. I was able to share a few words with them about their request and the person was encouraged.

It was a time of truly experiencing the verse about "taste and see that the Lord is good".

You'd think an hour would seem like a long time but it went so fast. In fact, as I was there to serve others' needs by praying, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the prayer room atmosphere. God blessed the time so much that I had to stick around beyond my hour!

We invited and received prayer requests from the police dept., fire dept., as well as emergency service. It was an honor to serve those in our community who seek to serve others.

It was great to hear that in the dark hours of the night there were 15 people at church!

I came in tired and left with a renewed vision of God's plans and mission for the world.

We saw more and more prayer requests come in as the night went on.

59 people participated in the prayer hours. Many stayed for numerous hours and well-beyond their planned time.

It was a very inspirational time for me. The opportunity to pray and come before God with both my family and the church family was a powerful experience.

The prayer vigil was such a great time last year when I was able to participate and I was very excited about the opportunity to assist in helping organize it this year. I was a little discouraged that there wasn’t a large response from people as far as signing- up for hourly prayer time, as I knew how much this could be a blessing for all that attend.  Then after my prayer time began early in the am all alone, myself and my God, I realized that all the preparation and prayer that went into it was worth it for blessing just one person.  And that person that I know it blessed greatly was me, Emily Bekkum. Can’t wait for next time!

What was your experience of the prayer vigil? Share it with us in the "Comments" below.

May you be blessed to realize this quote: When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. Pray on!



5 Responses

  1. Grateful Pray-er
    Thanks for doing this! The design of the room with music, candles, and such helped create a peaceful place to listen to God and pray for people. It was a highlight of my week!
  2. Jeff
    I thought the Vigil was an awesome experience that brought me closer to my Lord. I experienced a real intimacy with Holy Spirit that is hard for me to do often times. This was the best prayer experience that I have ever had. I know that God heard our prayers and will fulfill them in His time and His way of this I have no doubt!
  3. Gail & Randy Baar
    Randy and I signed up for the 9-10 hour. We were looking forward to the next hour of prayer as we remember how peaceful of an experience it was last year. Upon arrival, We were surprised to see the parking lot without cars and the church dark. oops, we came 24 hours after it was over!!! we went home and prayed, but it wasn't the same. Guess who needs prayer? gail
    • Brian
      Great story Gail! Sorry to hear about that. We appreciate the commitment (& your good humor).
  4. Lindsey
    My hour, too, went by super fast, so I had to come back later for more! I was surprised at the crowd at the church in the late hours of the night. I imagine that God must've surely been smiling as His people came to the church to talk with Him and listen in peace. :)

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