Vitality: On the Journey Toward a Healthy Missional Church

The FirstCov Vitality Team shares an update on our congregational vitality process. Check out where we've been...and where we are going!

God is the source of all life (John 10:10, 14:6) and this is true for His body, the church as well. We have experienced a good deal of His work and presence over the last 9 months among our team and the whole church family.

The Goal: What is “Healthy Missional”?

During the Veritas workshop, consensus was that we were a “stable church” with most arrows showing us as in progress to a “healthy missional church.” In “stable,” the Spiritual Discernment Question is "Lord, how do you want us to break out of stability into vitality?”

What does “healthy missional” mean? By “healthy” we mean pursuing Christ.  By “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. This is what the Spirit brings when we engage one another and our world in healthy, God-glorifying ways whether at church, home, work, or our neighborhood.

What’s Been Happening…

The national Evangelical Covenant Church has developed a great process to grow toward a healthy missional church (Congregational Vitality). Resources are available for implementing the process of prayerful planning and discernment through our local Northwest Conference and its Director of Congregational Vitality, Jon Kramka. Here are a few highlights (read more about them or follow the process at; or subscribe to the blog on the right).

  • Vitality Prayer Team was identified to bathe this process in ongoing intercession and prayer.
  • Relational Covenant was developed and approved for helping keep “how” we do life together healthy and God-honoring.
  • Biblical Workshop was an amazing experience of God leading us as a group to a text that fits our time. Joshua 1:1-11 came very clearly as a good story that represents FirstCov’s story with God right now. (It’s worth reading about at the blog above!)
  • Internal Profile was explored with the Congregational Survey (to see where we are and how you’ve seen God work in and through us) and exploring FirstCov’s History (a resource for celebrating God’s work, learning lessons from our past, and for seeing how He may lead us into the future).
  • External Profile, from our Community Interviews and demographic research, helps navigate where FirstCov is able to provide resources to needs in the River Falls area and region.

…and Some Next Steps

As we move toward God’s call of being a healthy missional church, we pray and continue:

  • Digging Deeper: Exploring some of the themes identified as well as the 10 Healthy Missional Markers.
  • Joshua series: Pastor Todd will be starting this in January.
  • Discerning next steps such as the EPIC workshop, PULSE assessment, a Strategic Ministry Planning Team, and Vision Intersection Profile (identifying our “sweet spots” for ministry)…and more.

You’re Needed!

As we proceed on the congregational vitality journey, it is important that we do it seeking the Lord, being in His Word, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • Please pray with us for God’s work in our church and wisdom as we proceed.
  • Follow the Vitality Prayer Points and news that comes out on the blog each month so you know what is going on and how to pray. (See the link above.)
  • Please participate in future Congregational Vitality opportunities as we continue seeking the Lord for our church and His Kingdom work in the world.

We are in this together!

-Your Vitality Team

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