Of Family, Flashlights, and Fierce Love that Leaves the 99

A couple years ago, my kids and I were playing flashlight hide-and-seek inside the house. We shut off all the lights in the early winter evening, and everyone, including the person hiding, carried a small flashlight.

I must confess that for a great part of my own childhood, I was terribly afraid of the dark. I always tried to envision what the shadows would be if light was shining on them, but my imagination got the best of me. I would eventually call out in the night for my Mom to help comfort me back to sleep.

During this recent hide-and-seek game, I silently hid behind the island in the kitchen, with my flashlight shining. Our son was to seek me, with his own flashlight. As you can guess, this game is over fairly quickly, as the light is easily seen through the darkness. But it was something our son said to me as he found me that made my breath stop for a second. “Mommy, I knew you were there because I saw your light.”

How true that childlike statement is – especially when referring to Jesus as the Light of the world. Scientifically speaking, darkness is merely the absence of light.

There is a song playing on the radio these days that pulses my core, reminding me of the deep love and desire God has for each of us. The song is based on the Gospel scripture of the parable of the Shepherd leaving the 99 to seek out the one lost sheep. How God’s love is never-ending, how he chases us until we are found.  The song is called “Reckless Love”. As the song continues, the vocalist sings this, “There’s no shadow You won’t light up, mountain You won’t climb up, coming after me.”

The truth is that He does seek us, in fact, He intently pursues us. He sought us after we were hiding and sinful in the Garden of Eden and He continues to shine His light on us today. He wants us with His overwhelming, never-ending love. The God of the world will leave His flock to seek each one of us out, wrap us around His shoulders and carry us home.

I encourage you to listen to the song below. Be encouraged today that He wants a real and personal relationship with you, and He will “kick down walls and tear down lies” to get to you.

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  1. What an amazing love God has for us as individuals, we are all so important that he would leave the 99 to bring back the one. Amazing love!
    • Melissa Falde
      I agree, He crafted each of us so carefully in His image, that we need the reminder how He truly cares for each and everyone of us. And that there is no place that He wouldn't go to bring us back to Him. Thanks for reading :)
  2. Love this post!! And love love love that song!! It touches my heart so deep each time I listen to it. To hear in such a powerful way how much God loves me, enough to sacrifice his son, search for me when I'm lost even when there are "99" others who are not lost, move the mountains for me.....oh my heart rejoices and even brings me to my knees because I am so unworthy of this love. Yet he gives it Not because he has to but wants too. This song speaks of love like that and I just love it!!
    • Melissa Falde
      Thank you for your comments, Candace! You are right, the nature of our God to keep pursuing us should bring us an overwhelming desire to worship Him from our knees - what a great reminder to continue to be grateful and thankful for His un-ending love. Melissa
  3. Great post Melissa, thanks for sharing. That song is definitely going to show in worship soon!
    • Melissa Falde
      Thank you, Brian! I am super excited to hear it at FirstCov! I pray that it moves hearts in the direction of Christ and reminds us all what an amazing, loving Creator we have.

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