Making Your Presence Mean More Than Your Presents

The theme of Advent is to prepare for Christ’s coming. However, we are not only focusing on his birth. Christians throughout history also have used this time as a reminder that he is coming again. It is a story about God’s being “with us” but it is also a reminder that there is a day that there will be a second coming of Christ (e.g. Matthew 24:27; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-9; 1 Peter 4:13).

In my first post on Advent, I referred to my experience of reading a chronological Bible (puts the events/writings in rough order of when they occurred). During that time, the commentary in my chronological Bible allowed me to see the many earthly connections that occurred that created an environment not only for the birth of the Savior but also the spreading of the gospel…a mission that continues in our lives and a message we continue to share today.

A recent study found that out of 15,000 Americans the top two forms of reaching out were:

1)  Personal conversation with a family member: 63%

2) Personal conversation with a friend or neighbor from the church: 56%

And did you know that the Christmas holiday season was the time of being most interested in matters of faith?

Faith in Christ is never solely about numbers nor percentages but it is a reminder that there is something in people’s hearts during this time of year…and it is something that is best connected with in a personal conversation. The Holy Spirit is at work around you and through you. Please take the risk of having a conversation…inviting to an Advent or Christmas Eve service, asking what the holidays mean to them, etc.…and see what happens. God might want to lead them further to Christ through your conversation!

May you cultivate a deep sense of anticipation this Advent season…not for presents, but the presence of Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us. And may your presence lead all those around you to Him.

- Brian Majerus

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