Isn’t Advent Just an Old Tradition?

…Getting the Most From Advent

This year I am reading a chronological Bible. It takes various Scriptures and puts them in the order of the story of God’s interaction with humanity.

There are many things to observe, but one of the things I noticed is how long it takes to get to the New Testament. For the version I had, I started with Genesis in January and did not begin reading about Jesus until October 18th. I distinctly remember a sense of joy and relief at coming to it. As I was reading the Old Testament (Scripture written before Jesus Christ), there was a growing anticipation in realizing that God’s interactions and intentions with the people were leading to this climatic moment of Christ being with us (which is what “Immanuel” means).

Beginning Nov. 28th, the church season of Advent is in this similar theme of anticipation…waiting expectantly. How will you prepare your heart for the celebration of Christ’s coming (Christmas)? Some do a devotional or an Advent calendar or Sunday Advent readings.

On Nov. 28th, we’ll have a pamphlet on celebrating Advent in the bulletin. This is a great time to gather as a family or with friends and encourage one another in following Christ. If you don’t attend FirstCov, feel free to stop by or ask for one. It will be a great tool for staying focused on Christ in all of the busyness!

- Brian Majerus

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