If the Shoe Fits…

For my birthday this year, my husband Wade bought me a pair of shoes. Really really pretty shoes (see picture – pretty, right?). So, in honor of the occasion, I wore them out for my birthday party with my friends. Now, you don’t have to take my word on it, but I would say I have decently good-looking feet. After wearing those shoes for seven hours, I definitely did not (see picture). Should I have warned you?

Now, just because this shoe fits and it looks good on me, does not mean I should wear them. The shoes fit fine, they were decently comfortable, but by the end of the night, I had killed my feet.

We act like this in life sometimes, don’t we? When the shoe fits, we wear it, without considering the consequences on our life. We see an activity or get asked to get involved in something that seems to match our talents close enough and do it.  We do not take into consideration how it will affect our lives or our family’s lives in the long run. Many of us running on empty because we have so many commitments simply because it ‘fits’. We get so busy that we give 50% to everything (or less!) and sometimes have to turn down things God really wants us to do.

This week, take some time to evaluate your commitments. Are you doing things simply because it ‘fits’ or are you taking the time to evaluate where God wants you? Are you putting your priorities in the right places? Is your calendar as swollen as my feet were by the end of the night?

I, like many of you, am striving to keep my priorities straight on the calendar, but don’t worry, you will still be seeing me in my uncomfortable, but pretty shoes! No pain, no gain.

If you are looking for ways to serve, please check out our FirstServe page which you can find here.

- Leah Gunderson

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