How Will You Join the Journey? A Rally Sunday Recap

This past Sunday (Sept. 12th) was “Rally Sunday: Join the Journey”! This is a time where we regather after the summer and, with fall being a natural time of reflection, consider our own walk with Christ. As everyday people, like many of his disciples such as Peter and Andrew, it is a journey where we are continually seeking to be a follower of Christ (which is what “Christian” means by the way).

It might look like…

…attending a large group worship service or a small group study… might be quiet as you read God’s Word & pray or loud and exciting as you serve at Vacation Bible School (VBS) or in the nursery…

Following Christ also looks like a CELEBRATION…to rejoice with those who rejoice! We celebrated the third graders receiving Bibles as an expression and encouragement for them to continue on the journey of personally choosing to follow Christ and moving less away from “my parents told me to go to church, Sunday School, etc.”. Then we celebrated another expression of the following Christ journey with some baptisms. Here people respond to Christ’s call for disciples to be made of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

So many ways to follow Jesus…but the question always leads to a choice. Are you actively on the journey of following Christ? Is there anger or selfishness we need to deal with? Some area of service to others such as children or the poor we need to take up? Are there growth opportunities, like Sunday School classes or small groups, you need to commit to?

It’ll look different for each one of us…but choose to follow Christ…and join the journey!!

- Brian Majerus

Check out our video from the day:

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