How to B.L.E.S.S. Those Around You

Often the question is not whether we want to bring God's love and presence to others but it's how. What are some practical ways to follow God in serving others? Today we explore that.

"Wow! Something is going on here!"

An unexpected discovery happened at small group.

We were discussing one of FirstCov’s four key small group values, Mission/Service.

As we talked, a family in the community came up. Another chimed in that they knew them too. And, by the next week, another family connected with them.

God tying things together; we are along for the ride.

We are all called to come alongside the work God is doing in people’s lives…but there is a problem.

The Problem: We’re FULL!

Ever stuff yourself at a party? Imagine that sensation… but in your life. FULL could be…time (busy)…  relationships (no room for more or no relational space left)…or emotional resources (all spent).

The result: no margin for “the other,” the neighbor, the one in need.

So…What Can We Do?

You have to say some no’s to say yes’s.

Our call is move outward to the world, from familiar to unknown areas or even uncomfortable (Acts 1:8).

But Jesus also called us to love the one near, our neighbor (Matt. 22:36-40). As Jesus brought healing, community, and provision to those around him, the River Falls area has such needs, whether financially, relationally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Some we don’t know personally but are in our neighbor invitation. Some God is already putting in your life… literally the person next door …or a co-worker and their family…or a person you connect with in a hobby, sport, music, community or school activity.

So pause for a moment and answer this: Who has God put in your life? Get someone in mind before you go on…

Now, B.L.E.S.S. them!

Often we have the heart but we don't know what to do. Here are some practical ideas for taking a next step to bring God's love and presence to others.

Begin With Prayer

  • Pray for those in your life far from God.
  • Ask God, “How do you want to use me to bless the people in my life?”

Listen With Care

  • Pay attention to people’s dreams and pain.
  • Listen for evidence of God’s work in their lives.

Eat Together

  • Share meals & life with people in your life who do not know God.
  • Listen for evidence of God’s work in their lives.

Serve with Love

  • Be attentive to opportunities God provides you to care for people and attend to their needs.

Share your Story

  • After building relationship and earning trust, look for ways you can share the story of how Jesus is transforming your life and the world.

More ideas: or learn with this video.

Not born an evangelist? God loves you—and through you! Often love and hope found in Jesus isn’t one spectacular moment but comes as we live and love our neighbor in real everyday life in the long haul.

Our logo and slogan remind: you are on the journey, for yourself AND for others.

So imagine…if we all go out for the next couple weeks, a month (or year…and years…) with B.L.E.S.S.? How may God open doors this Easter and beyond as you open yourself to having “eyes to see” your neighbor?

Let’s join Him on the journey in someone’s life! Yes, He’s already there.

2 Responses

  1. This is what we are called to do every day and we see this modeled by our Lord Jesus Christ. He payed close attention to those around him and entered into their need calling them into a relationship with him. He does this today in us through the Holy Spirit. I have long been saddened by the current culture's - including the church - stranglehold tied up by busyness. Does not our God tell us to be still, know he is God (Psalm 46:10)! Busyness is a relationship killer. As mentioned, it eats margin in our lives and gives a sense of accomplishment while it cuts off what could become deep meaningful connection with others. Some who attend church are feeling like they're on the outside looking in. The answer is not always to join another Bible study, small group, or become part of yet another ministry! Don't misunderstand me, theses are important. But...could the answer lie in just being a friend to others - inviting others to join you for meals, activities, coffee, walks...whatever allows you to share time to get to know others...whether it's your fellow church attenders or your neighbor who lives next door? Take time in life to genuinely care about those around you - not just at church, or your neighborhood - but everywhere you go. God puts opportunities all around us to listen and hear what is going on in the lives of others. Being a good listener is something everyone needs and values in a hurry up world!
    • Pastor Brian
      Yes! Good word Nancy. We can lose sight of the incredibly practical (and incarnational) way we bring God's love just by loving others and living that love out. In our faith, by His example, love is words but also actions; it is proclamation but also demonstration.

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