Why have a Hope Sunday?: Helping the Kids of Congo

We are hosting our first Hope Sunday this Sunday, April 24, 2016. We will have the mission project leader (Donn Engebretson) preaching at the worship services, a special Sunday School class with him (for adults and grades 6-12), as well as child sponsorship opportunities (available through May 8).

But why do this? Linda Lundstrom, Deacon of the Missions Commission, shares with us videos, maps, pictures and more below answering three questions: Why the Congo?, How this Ministry is Accomplished?, How Can I Help? Enjoy! See you Sunday.

Cov kids congo 2Why the Congo?

An unprecedented need! The situation in Congo is both dire and hopeful. Various areas of the Congo, part of the continent of Africa, have suffered from years of devastating war causing the decimation of resources throughout the Congo. Since 1937, the Covenant has been involved in the remote area of Congo known as the Equateur Province.

Congo in AfricaWorking alongside the Congolese people, the work (known as the CEUM) has grown to more than 1,600 churches, 5 hospitals, 90 medical clinics, and a school system of 60,000 students. World Vision has worked in other areas of the Congo for over 40 years. World Vision and the Evangelical Covenant Church, denominational family, have joined together on a “journey of transformation” in Equateur resulting in a partnership program called Covenant Kids Congo.

Congo compared to U.S.

This “journey of transformation” benefits the greater community with clean water, education and literacy, food and agriculture resources, economic development, and health and hygiene training.

Learn about Covenant Kids Congo:

How is this Ministry Accomplished?

Since October 12, 2012, more than 300 Covenant Churches have held a Hope Sunday to give individuals and families an opportunity to sponsor a child who lives in Equateur Province through the Covenant Kids Congo program.

Congo AreaThe sponsorship commitment helps provide the community with feeding programs to help malnourished children, along with access to clean water, immunizations, vitamins, and deworming. It also helps supply school classrooms and sanitary toilet systems. Farmers are taught ways to improve agricultural methods for producing food for their families. Ultimately, children and adults learn about the surpassing love of Jesus Christ through this remarkable partnership.

One person's story of why to partner with Covenant Kids Congo:

How Can I Help?

By sponsoring a child for $40 per month (or $480 per year), you can help obliterate poverty. Through a child sponsorship, you can transform lives by providing REAL help and lasting HOPE! Sponsorship demonstrates God’s unconditional love. For each $1 donated, $1.30 in assistance reaches the field thanks to other financial gifts, donated goods and services, and government corporate grants. As a sponsor, you will have opportunity to correspond with the child, send small gifts, and possibly even visit the child in Equateur. Please consider sponsoring a child!

Pray. Hope. Act. Pray for the Congolese people. Give Hope to an impoverished community. Act by sponsoring a child on Sunday, April 24 or through May 8!

Thank you for your sharing God's love in this practical way!

-Linda Lundstrom, Deacon of Missions Commission

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