High Energy Community: Get Up and Go!

This past Sunday, Pastor Todd continued his Sermon Series, High Energy Faith. Listen here. His message of High Energy Community regarded the importance of living in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ, which is a different kind of community than is offered by the society around us. (1 Cor 11:17-34) 

Create Your Own Connections

Let's start to consider what might happen when the community of Christ goes out into the community of the unchurched right here in River Falls? What amazing new adventures and connections are left unturned when we don't engage the lives around us?

In our local community of River Falls, wintertime can lead many folks into hibernation mode, cozied up to the fire with our cups of cocoa. Our comforts can often lead to complacency in many areas of our lives.

If we are called as Christians to share the amazing news of Jesus Christ, there is no better time than now! Do you have some New Year’s resolutions that have started to fade, a bucket list that has become dull, or it’s possible that a new hobby is what you need for some renewed energy?

Check out the River Falls Community Education Winter 2019 booklet here.

This booklet offers 24 pages packed full of incredible classes and courses for folks of all ages and skill levels.

Grab some friends and get out and try something new this season. And while you’re out there, shine the light and love of Jesus with those around you.

SAVE THE DATE! Don't forget that our All Church Skating Party is coming up on Sunday, February 24 - 3p-6p. Grab your neighbor or invite a friend!

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