Happy Father’s Day! (The Father as Coach)

Fathers/Dads, sometimes we wonder what our role is. We wonder if what we do is right or are our exhausted efforts enough. Sometimes we may even become discouraged and think it is better to do nothing.

Below is a video with Robert Guerrero, a professional boxer, who expresses a humility (due to his faith) that you might not expect in someone in his occupation. He shares some thoughts about his dad, who is also his coach, and then how that has impacted his parenting as well. Check it out and get some inspiration in a weary schedule, knowing that God, your Father, will empower your prayers and service to your kids and family.

Whatever your occupation, may you live today with a renewed sense of God's calling to you as a father.


Happy Father's Day!

Robert Guerrero discusses the role his father plays in his life and as his trainer from 2Degrees Media on Vimeo.

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