Focus on Life: Hunger & Starvation in East Africa

 September 2017: Hunger and Starvation in East Africa

Background Information

The worst drought in 70 years combined with war and disease has left 20 million people in Somolia, South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and in urgent need of food and water.  If urgent help does not arrive as many as 1.5 million malnourished children will die in the next few months.  This situation has been declared by the United Nations and other reputable NGO’s as the worst Humanitarian disaster since World War II.   If you have heard very little about this crisis, you are not alone.  A poll by the International Rescue Committee showed that 85% of Americans are largely uninformed about hunger in Africa.  To learn more about the crisis, log onto the websites listed below representing some of the relief agencies currently on the ground providing lifesaving assistance. (And subscribe on the right so you don't miss an update!)

Prayer Needs

  1. For an immediate outpouring of food and water from governments and NGO’s to stave off starvation.
  2. For the health and safety of aid workers from across the world who are sacrificing much to provide needed assistance.
  3. For a cessation of war and hostilities that are adding to the cruelty of the famine.
  4. For agricultural assistance to farmers and the creation of wells to provide much needed water both for drinking and irrigation.
  5. For rain!!

How Can You Help

Financial support to relief agencies on the ground in East Africa

Learn or connect with Christian agencies:

Learn or connect with other relief agencies:

Participate in a food packaging activity through Save My Starving Children (Twin Cities Locations).  See  for details on food packing locations.  This is an excellent opportunity for families and small groups to make a tangible difference in the lives of hungry children. 

Sponsor a child through Covenant Kids Congo, World Vision or other relief agency.  See links above.

Donate a chicken, goat, heifer or other animal through one of the relief agencies listed above.  This is another excellent family or small group project.

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