FirstCov’er Story: Finding Moses

It is great when we hear from you...when FirstCov'ers share their stories! As we continue to explore bringing God's love to Congo through child sponsorship opportunities with Covenant Kids Congo (Powered by World Vision), below is a story from a FirstCov’er (Krista Majerus) about a powerful experience with child sponsorship. Learn more about CKC from our previous post or at their website here. And please pray about joining God’s mission in Congo by sponsoring a child at our sponsorship table (through May 8, 2016).  Check out Krista's story below:

God ties life together in amazing ways. And the name “Moses” was one for us.

When Mark, my husband, and I started dating back in college and eventually got engaged our group of friends often told us that, someday, we needed to name a son Moses.  “Moses Majerus is a great name!” they’d say.  Five years later we had our first child, a son, and we named him………Jonah.  No Moses for the Majerus family, at least for now.

Two years later, while at the church we attended when living in Racine, WI we heard a congregation member share about Compassion International.  Both Mark and I knew how child sponsorship has an impact around the world meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children living in extreme poverty.  The idea of sponsoring a child had never really been something that had been placed on our hearts, until that day.  The couple sharing spoke about the joy they had experienced through being sponsors.  They shared the photo and story of a little girl named Ruth and how she was in desperate need of sponsorship.  We both looked at each other knowing we would be heading straight to their table after the service.  We needed to help her, I was sure of it.

As we approached the table and waited to speak with the folks manning the table, Mark touched my arm and pointed down at the table.  Dozens of packets containing information and photos of children waiting to be sponsored lined the table.  “Look!” he said and pointed to the photo of a young boy from Uganda.  His name was Moses.  Once again we looked at each other and knew he was the child we needed to sponsor.  We had found our Moses.  But not to worry, the couple directly behind us was eagerly waiting to sponsor Ruth, the young girl they had shared about during the service.

That was in 2008 and we have been sponsoring Moses ever since.  He will be 16 years old this summer and enjoys soccer, reading and helping his family with chores and caring for their animals. In his letters to us he often asks for prayer for his family’s health and safety (he has 7 siblings) and for his school work.  It is his dream to one day become a doctor.  We are grateful for the Compassion center in his village and for the work they do in providing food, health care and teaching from God’s Word.  We are always encouraged to hear about the new memory verses Moses is currently working on.  May they go deep into his heart and never be forgotten.


Moses, age 9

We’ve enjoyed sharing our life with Moses too. He often asks about the weather, the geography of our area, our jobs, the kids school, and how we celebrate holidays.  Sharing Moses with our three children has provided opportunities to talk with them about others living very different circumstances than they are.  And while sending money throughsponsorship each month is something Mark and I take care of, we are teaching them that they have a critical part in Moses’ life through prayer.  And while we may be thousands of miles apart, God has promised in His Word, that as believers in Christ we are one body and united together.  I pray that Moses feels that love and unity with us.

I hope that one day we will meet Moses face to face.  Perhaps we will have to wait until we’re in heaven, but then we’ll have eternity to praise the Lord together.

I hope that you might consider impacting the world with the love of God, sponsoring a child today! You can check out the table at church through May 8.

-Krista Majerus

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