Fests, Fun, Food, and… Mud?!

Wow, what a week! You might be tired (like we are!) after all our activities as part of River Falls Days, but isn’t it exciting to see how God worked through us within the community?

Last week on Wednesday, we hosted MudFest, an event for Grades 6-12 and about 150 youth came despite the weather forecast looking pretty grim. Well, the weather held off and we had a lot of fun! We had a large mudpit set-up with a human foosball game inside of it,

a giant Slip n’ Slide,

an Alka-seltzer game

and the world famous, “Orphawns” performed a set of music.

One big highlight of the night was our speaker, Laurel Bunker. She brought a message about letting God wash off all our dirt and grime in our lives and not being ashamed to represent Him. Over 15 students responded and either rededicated their lives to living for God or became Christians for the first-time! Because of your hard work in volunteering, this event was life changing for many of our students. Our lawn might look a little worse the wear, but we know God has used our resources for His glory.

Then, on Saturday, we had Corn Fest where we served a free meal of BBQ, corn, popcorn, cookies, freezie pops, and lemonade to over 400 in the community!

Along with free food, we also provided fun activities like horse/pony rides,

face painting (for all ages!),

yard games and music

-what a great way to express the abundant grace of God’s love in a way people could see and feel! This blessed many people including those who may not have opportunity to receive a good meal often. Many (from 7 years old to 80 years old) helped by serving, caring and talking with people. There were opportunities for prayer as well as invitations to connect with how we might further serve them.

We are very thankful that God answered the many prayers by not letting stormy weather cancel the events. We are greatly in need of help during events like these and hope you will consider serving Christ in serving others at one of these Fests next year!! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to see God work around you.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

- Brian Majerus and Leah Gunderson

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