Family Organic Outreach (ch. 1): Living the Gospel in Your Home

This week begins with chapter one about the gospel being for the home. Pastor Brian shares Kim and his experiences, good and bad, in this summer’s Book & Blog series in “Organic Outreach for Families: Turning Your Home into a Lighthouse.” Each week we read a chapter and hear from various FirstCov’ers. Join us and leave a comment or question below!

"The starting point is recognizing that we can't give what we don't have." (p. 27)

How Great are You?

Kim and I are not perfect parents.

That can be challenging. I have been a follower of Christ for years and serve in the church. There is much joy to that but some days I look and feel just the opposite of what a good father is. Perhaps you can relate. If so, you know those are hard days as a parent.

Each day offers reminders of that imperfection. And, even in that, we find renewed hope and thankfulness as we seek to bring the gospel to our next generation in our home.

Hope and Thankfulness? Are You Serious?

Yes! Chapter one finds more at work than just us. In the theme of "Living the Gospel in Your Home" is the reminder that the gospel reveals to us grace, even in wrongs, sins, and brokenness.

To share the gospel in our homes calls for our lives to be transformed by grace. Lacking God's grace for us can lead to having our children do religious behavioral living... performing to look good...rather than new life rooted in Christ.

But a life lived by and from God's grace, in full awareness of what has been done by Christ, carries the aroma of grace. For Kim and I, even when we get it wrong, we seek to share how God's kingdom looks in contrast to what may be happening. We seek to ask forgiveness, pray prayers with the kids for help for ourselves and them, and sharing from our mistakes. When we say "Remember, we need Jesus too", while acknowledging a hard moment, is also one where the key of grace breaks the bonds of discouragement and glorifies God.

So, one key question of this chapter has echoed out: "If my child grows up to have a faith like mine, would that be a good thing?" 

Is "Better Caught than Taught" True?

On the one side, we model our faith. The faith that arises in the midst of everyday life. Kim and I have seen our children impacted, on a vacation trip, by the spontaneous prayer as an ambulance passed us. Or a child's requesting of prayer for God's presence and healing in the midst of a stomach flu as they see God being not just for the good days.

But the other side is to teach and prepare by the Bible to know God, the gospel and be prepared for a world that may not agree. For us, as we watch a TV program or when our kids come home from school, we find ourselves talking about how God's kingdom looks and does not look like things they have experienced, heard, or seen.

No, Kim and I aren't perfect. But that really isn't the point. We serve a God with wondrous love who filled our gap not with words or a todo list but with his very self.

Unearned but given freely. That is grace. That is the gospel of grace that is for our home and yours!

Enjoy chapter 1 this week! (Catch other posts in this series here.)

We all need ideas. We would love to hear how you bring the gospel to your home, specific stories, or even where it fell flat. We are in it together!

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