Encouraging? Stats on Divorce in the American Church

Most of what we have heard on the church and divorce has been one of "no difference" between the commitment to marriage of church and those not part of it. With that percentage being easily upwards of 50%.

Some interesting (read "surprising") statistics on divorce and the church from The Good News About Marriage by Shaunti Feldhahn.

  • Divorce rate is way below 50 percent...and much lower for those who attend church.
  • Estimate that the overall divorce rate for the country is around 31 percent with a much lower rate for those who regularly go to church.
    • “Maybe 15 percent, maybe 20 percent for all marriages. First marriages, second marriages, third marriages,” Feldhahn explained.
  • Feldhahn cited one example where a pastor tracked 143 couples who he had married. “It was 25, 27 years later. Less than 10 percent had been divorced,” she stated.

Marriage is never easy. Is there a marriage you could pause and pray for right now? I know they'd appreciate it.

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