Ecuador Mission Team: 9 Things Learned From Long-Term Partnering on Short-Term Mission Trips

Short term missions can yield lasting benefits when long term partnership is involved. Mark and Sue Kimball, leaders of our Ecuador Mission Team, share insights (and pictures!) from God's work in their experiences with Lote Tres, Ecuador since 2008 and Ecuador in general since 2004. This has been a good work for remembering that God knits us with His Church throughout the world. And when we most feel like we go to bless others we are reminded He blesses us by the people we meet and their faithful hearts.

1)  We are becoming more culturally sensitive in our pre-training, creating better preparedness.

2)  We are more aware of challenges team members may have to face.

3)  We have become more focused on relationships with people rather than the place.

4)  We are learning how to better support the Lote Tres church in evangelism.

5)  We’ve made long term on-going relationships with individuals in Ecuador.

6)  We see progression in projects between trips and rejoice from the heart with our brothers and sisters as they strengthen their church and community.

7)  More people within our church bond with each other through sharing similar experiences.

8)  Team members have learned new skills and discovered ways to serve with their old ones.

9)  Because there is more understanding/empathy there is more commitment to long term missionaries/missions in general.

...and the mission continues! There continue to be opportunities to bring God's heart and hand to Ecuador with this team. Not only will He touch lives through you but He will further His work in your life as well! Please contact the office for information.

2016 Mission Team at the equator.

2016 Mission Team at the equator.

2016 Team singing to Lote Tres congregation.

2016 Team singing to Lote Tres congregation.

Church building at Lote Tres with some of the team and people.

Building the sanctuary's platform.

Building the sanctuary's platform.

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