Ecuador: Day 9 Update

We headed up the mountain as usual after breakfast and devotions. As soon as we arrived, Mark, Jim, Brett and Todd headed to San Antonio with our interpreter Liz to visit the community bulk tank there. The bulk tank at San Antonio is far ahead of where the tank is at Lote 3, and they wanted to talk to the manager and learn the ins and outs of their tank. They had a very interesting talk, and came back knowing the tank at Lote 3 has a long way to go, but that it’s possible to get there…even if it will take a lot of work.

Sarah taught several church members how to varnish the table they had made with Mark earlier in the week. They had a lot of fun learning something new. The men were a bit skeptical about learning something from a woman, but when the interpreter told them that Sarah was Mark’s daughter they seemed to gain confidence.

Some of our team helped prepare food in the kitchen while the rest headed up into the church to clean it in preparation for the community event later in the day. This included sweeping the floors, dusting, setting up the screen and covering windows. They also cleaned up the patio area from construction messes. The team then ate lunch, and then did some more community event preparations that included cooking down fresh blackberries to add to the yogurt that was made yesterday, as well as popping popcorn to serve during the movie. This was a very funny time in the kitchen because we were having a very hard time getting it to pop well, and not burn. The ladies from Lote 3 were kind of giggling at us, and Liz even heard them calling us “ciachinas”…which is an insult to any woman in Lote 3. It is a slang word used to insult any woman who cannot cook well. Very funny considering Sarah was in the group of women attempting to pop the popcorn. All through the preparations for the community event, the men continued their work on finishing the roof of the patio.

The community event consisted of an animated movie of the life of Jesus in Spanish, followed by a snack break where the blackberry yogurt was served as well as popcorn. The people went back into the church to watch the feature film…”The Nativity.” Most of them were completely enthralled by it, and stayed the entire time. At the end of the movie, someone from the church thanked people for coming and invited them to attend church tomorrow. The team handed out door prizes as the people left, and quickly got into the waiting truck taxis to head down the mountain.

Many people wanted to shower and clean up after a dusty day of working, however we were informed that the water to the hostel was turned off due to street work. Dinner was served and included carrot soup, rice, French fries, chicken, sliced tomato and sweet passion fruit. At the end of dinner it was announced that the water was hooked back up, but no one could shower just yet because we needed to have a team meeting to plan our part of the church service tomorrow. Once the meeting was done, team members headed to their rooms to pack up, and go to bed.

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