Ecuador: Day 8 Update

Devotions and breakfast as usual, and then we headed up the mountain. We did not head to the church right away…we stopped at the school this morning. After a greeting by the children, and a little bit of time greeting each other, we started the activities we had planned. Jim, Mark, Brett and Todd headed up to the church to continue construction work, and the rest of the team stayed at school. The children were divided in half to the 2 activities we had planned for them. We showed them an animated movie (in Spanish) of the story of Daniel in the Lions Den, and Paul talked a little bit about having courage and trusting God. The second activity was making a necklace with beads that represent the salvation message. When both groups had completed both activities, we had a little bit of time to play with the kids. We did lots of chalk on the playground, and jump rope. We were picked up at just in time to eat lunch at Lote 3. The teachers were very encouraged in talking to us about our projects at Lote 3. They loved the fact that we were teaching how to make a table because the children complain about not having anywhere to do homework. They also told us how important it is that we continue to visit Lote 3 and how much it encourages the people there. They said that so many teams just come once and are gone. While the rest of us were at school, the men at Lote 3 were showed how to sand the table they completed yesterday, and the construction of a pulpit for the church was begun.
After lunch, we discovered that the bulk tank had been emptied by the milk truck, and even though we had asked for 12 liters to be saved for us to use in more yogurt making, there was no milk to be found. Our MERGE coordinators made a phone call to a neighboring town (35 minutes away) that also has a community bulk tank that was full of milk, and arranged to purchase the milk needed. Sarah, Sue and Liz drove to San Antonio to purchase the milk, and brought it back to make yogurt that will be used tomorrow for the community outreach day.

While they were gone, Jim walked to a church member’s farm and looked at the way he was doing things on his farm, and was able to give him some advice on improvements. The rest of the team walked to homes near the church to invite people to the community outreach event tomorrow. Beth met an angry pig on this walk, and was not very happy when she got back to the church.

Sarah led another yogurt making workshop with the ladies from the church, and was impressed by what they remembered from the previous workshop. The workshop was quickly interrupted when pictures from the last trip were being handed out.

Nikki, Danielle and Paul led a new outreach for the people of Lote 3 this year. The church asked for something specifically directed to the youth of Lote 3. These 3 planned a youth even that consisted of playing volleyball, teaching a new game on the volleyball court, bonfire, s’mores, and devotion time. Nikki said that the most meaningful thing of this activity was when they prayed at the end, and several fo the youth of Lote 3 jumped right into the prayer. They felt that it was more of a group thing than the “Americans” teaching the “Ecuadorians.” During the youth event, Mountain Cayambe showed her face for us all to see. It was the most beautiful sight! Those clouds blew off, and stayed away for at least 2 hours. We were able to see the top of the mountain all the way down the road to Cayambe….or at least until it was too dark to see.

Laura spent the whole day with a team of Occupational Therapists doing some work at a school for children with disabilities, and at the children’s home. She brought a prayer request back for all of us to pray for. While she was at the children’s home tonight, a little girl named Nancy from the Lote 3/Lote 4 area was brought in for care. She has been taken away from her family and needs lots of prayer. Please join us in praying for Nancy to be reunited with her family when things are healthy and or safe for her to do so.

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