Ecuador: Day 1 Update

Our team was up bright and early to meet at church by 6:30am. We headed to the airport to catch our flight. One concern this time was the fact that we each were only allowed 1 bag to check under the plane, and we had a lot of extra supplies to bring to Eucador. We only ended up with 4 extra bags to take (and pay for)!


When we reached the gate, they announced there was not enough overhead space for carry-on luggage and 5 of our team members had to check their bags (Beth’s was too big). For those of you who don’t know- this is a big deal! We have to pack all of our clothes, etc for the entire 10 day trip into one carry- on bag because the check under bags are used for team materials, supplies for the missionary, etc. If that carry-on bag is lost…. You are living in the same stuff until it’s found. We were some of the last to board, and just as
day 2.JPG

we got onto the plane, the airline made an announcement that there was room for more bags. You should have seen the mad dash by Laura, Sue and Sarah to grab luggage! Praise God that only 2 carry-on bags needed to stay checked, and an even bigger praise that they made it all the way to Ecuador.

It was an easy flight to Houston, and the beginning of our 4 hour lay-over began. Many team members found food to eat, and places to walk and stretch legs. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed, and our 4 hour lay-over turned into a 6 hour one. Thankfully the plane arrived earlier than expected, and we were on our way to Quito.

After a 5 1/1 hour flight, we arrive in Quito at 1:30 am…Same time as in Wisconsin since we are still in the same time zone. Praise God- all of our luggage made it to Quito with us! We quickly went through customs and met up with our trip facilitators Richard and Liz as well as 2 of our 3 translators Esther and Renee. By the time we boarded the bus and rode to the hostel in Quito where we would stay for the night, it was 3am as we crawled into bed. Praise God for safe travels and a few hours of sleep.

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