Easter Miracles Still Happen

The Outreach Team would like to share this story about how God blessed this event. As we were preparing the budget for 2012, the cost of each outreach event was discussed. After prayer and sharing we decided to use $1000 for each of the four outreach events in the course of the year.

As Easter approached we discussed how many certificates would be needed for the two services. From our experience last year we decided on 125 - ten dollar certificates. Since our budget was $1000, we knew we were short. Some of the team offered to make up the difference, but we put our faith to the test and waited to see how God would provide.

When the time came to purchase the certificates we contacted the manager at Perkins and explained what we were doing and how many certificates we would need. The discussion turned to paying for them and the final price. It was asked if they would offer us a deal and without any input from us, they offered up the 125 certificates for $1000. Just what our budget was for this outreach.  Coincidence, I think not. God is faithful.

But the story does not end there. When the time came to hand out the certificates we were amazed at how many people were at first service and were concerned at our supply of certificates. After handing those out we discovered we only had 55 left. Knowing that usually second service has more people attending, we were feeling in a pinch. There was really nothing we could do, so we left it in God’s hands.

Being the doubtful people we can be (like Abraham and Sara) we thought we would help God out by asking a family that was assisting in passing them out, to not take one. So when it came time to distribute the certificates there were a few anxious moments. But God again proved faithful and after all the baskets were collect it was discovered that there was one certificate still remaining in a basket: just enough for the family we asked to bow out. Why does this surprise us? Coincidence again, I think not. God is faithful.

So we ask you to put your trust in God. If you have used your certificate already, that is awesome. If you still have your certificate, please test how faithful God is and ask Him to provide a person to use the certificate on and see how God then blesses the time. Then let us know how it went so we can share these experiences of God’s faithfulness. We thank you for your participation.

What are some of your stories of God’s faithfulness?

The Outreach Team: Becky Lopez, Brian Hanson, Bob Gilbertson, Brett Dolliver, Julie Karpovich, Keith Hansen, Todd Ertsgaard, Sue and Steve Watters

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    • Leah
      Hi Janey! If you click on our "Connect" tab, you will see info for our Facebook page.
  2. Hi! Can we use your "Easter Outreach" image in a n invitation this week? THanks!
    • Pastor Brian
      I'll follow up with you by email.

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