Don’t Forget in the Busy Season: 18 Things You Won’t Regret with Your Children (& Grandchildren)

It's a Busy Season: 18 Things You'll Never Regret with Your Kids or Grandkids

It's a full season. Full of blessings...and busyness.

In this Christmas season of reflecting on the tangible love of God that is the Son coming in the flesh to us (incarnation), it is good for us to remember that as parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. we are the embodiment of His love and grace to the young in the "today."

Don't miss it for "important" or "adult" stuff.

Don't think "Tomorrow I'll have more time."

His sacred mission comes by you. Don't forget your vocation and call as a parent and grandparent and caregiver.

Read more about each of these at Tim Challies' post here.

1. Praying with them for them.

2. Reading books to them.

3. Kissing them goodnight.

4. Taking them to church.

5. Taking them out for breakfast.

6. Letting my friends be their friends.

7. Doing family devotions.

8. Disciplining them.

9. Doing special things.

10. Asking their forgiveness.

11. Forgiving them.

12. Loving their mother.

13. Identifying God’s Grace.

14. Expressing affection.

15. Planning little surprises.

16. Giving them my full attention.

17. Pointing to the gospel.

18. Telling them “I love you.”

How do you express God's love to the kids in your life in a tangible way?


How have you experienced God's love from an important adult in your life when you were younger?

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