Day Two, Quito

Day Two: Our first morning in Quito
This morning we were allowed to sleep in. (For some of us team members, our first day started at around 4:00 because of the daylight savings time, so our traveling day got to be a bit long—sleeping in was a small blessing.) We all met for breakfast at 8:00. And our facilitator, Chris, met with us around 8:15. To sum up what he said, be flexible, be approachable, and be teachable. We are guests in this country, and our way is not always the best way…there are many different ways to accomplish a task (this writer just shares with you her “impressions” about our “meeting” this morning, but she will also add other team members’ comments as the week progresses).
After our meeting, we loaded the bus and are currently heading to Cayambe, our housing town for the time As I write, we are traveling through Quito. We stayed on the south end of Quito and are traveling north. As I look about me, I see mountains…they are very steep and rugged. The colors are brown and green. But the sky above is blue with billowy clouds hovering over the higher ranges. The view is breathtaking! And because we are riding on the side of the mountains, our way can be steep and slow, so we are able to take in quite a sight.
This morning we were informed that we will not be working in Cangahau, but we are going back to Lote Tres (Lot Three). Those of us who worked at Lote Tres in 2008 are very excited about seeing what has been accomplished since our last visit. We still are working on the roof, but it will be for the church that we helped to lay foundation for in 2008.
The weather is very nice and it is sunny and warm, and we are looking forward to traveling up to Lote Tres this afternoon. Hasta Luego (until then).
It is now about 8:30 p.m. and we have had a wonderful afternoon. After we got into Cayambe, we unloaded our gear into our rooms and organized our supplies—the medical, work and educational supplies. We then got back on the bus and headed for Lote Tres. Now, it must be shared that Lote Tres is only 30 miles from Cayambe, but because of the way the road goes up the mountain, it takes an hour.
Once we arrived, we were able to see how much work the people had finished on the church. We met some of the members of the church and had an opening ceremony with them. The pastor of the church shared some words with us, and then Mark Kimball shared words with them. They sang for us a few songs, and we also sang some songs. We ended today’s visit with a visit to the pastor’s farm, which is not far from the church.
We then left Lote Tres and traveled to Jaime Lomas’s home for our evening meal. The Lomas home is located right on the equator, and we travel by their home each day. Interestingly, this week we will sleep in the northern hemisphere and work in the southern hemisphere. I will share more about Jaime And tonight’s meal consisted of potato soup, salad, beets, carrots, pork, and Yappingatchos (sorry, I don’t know how to spell it, but it’s a pancake looking thing made from potatoes and cheese, and it’s totally delicious). For dessert we ate pineapple.
After dinner, we came back to hotel and met for a few minutes to share some of our impressions of the day. Tonight is an early evening, as most of us are tired.

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