Day Three, Surprises!

Day Three—A day of surprises
Breakfast today was a “cold breakfast.” Sue led us in a Bible study, looking at Hebrews 11, a look at Abraham. Who would go to an unknown land for an unknown period of time? We took a look at what some of our fears were.
Back on the bus, we started up again to Lote Tres. We traveled a road that Jaime Lomas said is now a good road. We looked hard past the ruts and bumps to visualize the horse trail he traveled to start the church we are building a roof for. We arrived to be greeted by our brothers and sisters and hear of our beginning plans for the day. We arrive and there are logs to be carried up from a little ways down the mountain.
10 meter rebar was cut first with a hacksaw into many shorter pieces. Justin carried the suitcase of extension cords and power tools, but there was not enough electrical power to run the Sawzall. But the grinder worked, and Murray traded in his hacksaw for the grinder. All the Marks (yes, we have three here again) and Chris (our facilitator) set up the rebar bending bench where about 88 rebar pieces were bent into rectangular shapes that will be used to reinforce the concrete beams, the basis for the roof.
Julie, Kelsey, Kasey, Ryan, and Ruben, our translator, transformed the old, smaller block church building into a clinic, and about 40 people came, were seen, and assisted (most of the people who came were mothers and children). Throughout the morning we exchanged greetings with the local people (Buenos dias, mi hermano—which means, good morning, my brother). There is a connection that transcends cultural differences here at Lote Tres. There is a sweetness in working side by side with our colorful family in sight of Mount Cayambe.
A smorgasbord lunch was served from low benches gave us energy and time to share the morning status. And it’s back to more logs and rebar, concrete blocks to cut and build and treks down the side of the mountain.
Sue Kimball readied her supplies and headed to the school at Lote Cuatro with Britta and Chris. They were received with great hugs and joyous faces. Norma, Blanka and Alicia (three teachers at the school and who became friends with Sue two years ago) have been looking forward to today’s encouragement and instruction in addition and subtraction.
At 5:00, we ended our workday and boarded the bus to head to Jaime and Laura’s home for dinner and wonderful music that was performed by Reflexion, Pablo’s band. (Pablo is Jaime and Laura’s son.) We shared a wonderful evening praising our Heavenly Father with instruments and singing. We were glad to hear that Reflexion is recording their first CD, and they plan to “release” it in about three months. At the end of the evening, we head back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

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