Day One – Arrival!

Well.... the flights went well until approaching Quito, Ecuador. We came upon too much fog and so diverted to Guayaquil, Ecuador - about a half hour away. There we spent the night, or rather the early morning, at a Holiday Inn. And then proceeded on to Quito in the afternoon. Mandy, Ricardo, and Gabby (Merge leaders here to facilitate our time in Ecuador) met us with the bus and we traveled onward to Cayambe, our home for the next week. So very glad to be here! Doing  well and ready for the next steps in the adventure.

Sue Kimball:
  God has soooo been with us every step,  Through every long wait and set back there has been a sweet sweet spirit that would make you all smile and say "God certainly is there.  Even the pilots and crew noticed and stood at the door to thank everyone for their patience and kindness.  There were other teams on the plane also.  God's hand is big and gentle.

Andrew Ertsgaard:
This has truely been an adventure here in Ecuador from the long flight too the beautiful bus ride to our hotel has been a wonderful expierince. I love this bueatiful country and the warm weather we have been having so far. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us this week and I also can't wait to meet our sister church tommorow. I pray you all at home are having as wonderful weather there as we are having here. May God bless you all.

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  1. Pastor Brian
    Looks like a happy crew! We are excited for all you will see God do in and through your lives. The adventure begins...and we'll be praying for you!
  2. Hey Laura. I can't remember if you told me to wash on hot and dry on cold or the other way around? I must have it wrong because the cloths are too small and its taking four days to dry a load.
  3. Dave, remember that UWRF's colors are red and white. Therefore you are to wash them together.
  4. Hannah Plummer
    I am praying for you all and that you would have fun and stay safe everyday until you come back!!! <br /><br />P.S- Hi Paul and Isaac! Hope you're having fun!!! :-)
  5. Very thankful that everyone made it safe. Good to see the smiles! :)
  6. Missy Stevens Crayford
    So great to see the awesome photos! What a great group. So many fond memories of Ecuador. Praying for safe trafels and amazing experiences for you all...and those you come in contact with!
  7. That works awesome Greg! I was wondering how to expand my pink wardrobe. Remind me to thank you better in person when I see you next. <br />
  8. At the concert last night the lead singer with All Sons and Daughters shared a story from her visit to Haiti. They were at a feeding center where there were more children than the center could feed. So she witnessed a young boy outside picking at a concrete wall and putting the pieces in his mouth. He was not part of the feeding program but came by the facility to pick cement pieces off the wall and eat them. When she asked the facility owner about it they explained that many children will do that to stop the hunger pains in their stomachs. It made me reflect on our team in Ecuador and the life we live here. Do we take for granted being able to eat our fill at every meal? We all need to pray about what God would have us do to help with that great tragedy. So may God bless our team in Ecuador. I pray they might come home and help give us all a new perspective on how very blessed we are in this country and what we can do to help make a difference in this world.
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  10. Looking at the moon tonight. If y'all are too, I'm saying a prayer for you all to be safe, encouraged, and strong.

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