Day 2: Volcanic gondola rides

Our two CBC graduates were awakened by a surprise. Previous workers at CBC, Andy and Jenell Pluim, were staying at the dormitory and awoke our graduates to say hi. It had been a few years since Andy and Jenell had seen Britta and Leah. Andy and Jenell were down with a team from Canada and decided to stay a few extra days. It was great to see them!

Breakfast (a typical American breakfast of cereal, some familiar and some not so familiar fruit, coffee, and bread) was served at 9:00. Most of the team was down earlier and was able to meet some others who had been in Ecuador working on the same location as we will be through the week.

After breakfast we shared in devotions—talking about Elisha and servanthood, and then we traveled through Quito to take a gondola ride up Pichincha, a volcanic mountain 13,000 feet high. It last erupted in 1999. The view was fantastic, overlooking the valleys that Quito has filled. Ben and Kathy faced their fear of heights and lived to enjoy it!

We then went into the old city center to have lunch at La Posada Colonial, a restaurant housed in a building dating back to the 1500’s when Spain defeated the indigenous people. A visit at the city center after lunch included a square surrounded on four sides by the presidential palace, the Arch Bishop’s mansion, a cathedral and a commercial area – oh yes, and a few armed soldiers guarding it all. From there we drove to the Bascilica, which is a national cathedral, and many climbed to the top of the bell towers (Ben hit them all).

After a two-hour drive through more mountains we arrived at our home for the week, a hotel in Cayambe Hosteria Mitad del Mundo (hotel in the middle of the world). We enjoyed another great dinner at a local restaurant before heading to bed – VERY TIRED AND GLAD WE CAME!

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