Celebrating Your Stories of God’s Work: Be Encouraged


We are all part of God's story. This is the theme we've explored the last couple weeks. In this, there are transformational stories that we each have to share with one other. Stories where God worked and we are different because of it.

But when do we hear these? So, below, we invite you to share your (small or large) story of seeing God work in your life. Maybe it was directly an answer to prayer or prayers of thanks resulted from it.

Either way, we invite you to share it below. Then come back and read about others.

By sharing these stories two things happen:

  1. Expresses praise and thanks to God.
  2. Encourages others to know God and see His work in their life.

So contribute a story below and read others stories...and be encouraged to look for God's work in your life and in the events around you!

2 Responses

  1. Brian
    One of the God story highlights of this summer came as just one part of a day with many touches that reminded us of God's very personal presence in our lives. On our way back from an unexpected appointment where we heard news of some medical complications, we saw that our family schedule was going to be significantly impacted the next week. On the long drive back, we decided to pray, bringing our concerns and asking for wisdom and help. Shortly after, before we even got home, a call came in from one of our parents offering to come up and help. They didn’t know the issue at the time but it turned out to be an important provision for us. In this, and in the other stories of that day, we were reminded that God knows all things as well as provides. That among the whole world, He also saw us in the van that day. That day of various God stories will be passed along in our family.
  2. Matt
    I was reading a book called "Fathered by God," and it was describing how God is the ultimate Romancer; He romances us all through little and big things, and we're all in His love story. The author said that he often finds literal heart-shapes throughout the day- rocks, clouds, etc.- and he knows that God is reminding him of His love. I prayed while I was eating my cereal, asking God to show me how He is romancing me, to show me His love, and that He's there with me. When I opened my eyes, I saw the back of my Cheerio's box. It had cheerios aligned in the shape of a heart, with text above that said "We're listening." It's a small thing, but I sometimes love the small things more than the big things, because they remind me that God is there every second of every day.

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