Celebrating Our High Seas Expedition : VBS Highlights

This past week from August 8 – 12, our church embarked on a High Seas Expedition! Our Vacation Bible School theme this year was full of adventure and the kids experienced the deep rolling water of God’s love. We had a great group of participants and leaders! Take a look at some of the highlights in this video and then below, a few crew leaders shared some fun stories about the week.

One of the children came in and told his Crew Leader (CL) that his brother hurt him that day. The CL asked if he forgave him. And the little boy said that it was too hard to forgive him. So then the CL and the child talked about forgiveness. The next night the child came up to his CL and said that his brother hurt him again, but that this time, he forgave the brother.

A leader was asking the children if they had ever done anything naughty...one child promptly exclaimed "This is my life!”

Adults too are blessed by VBS. One evening a Crew Leader was speaking with a parent who was asking about church. This parent had rarely been to a church in the past and was not connected to any church now. VBS had been a powerful experience for their child, but also them, in seeing who God is. In addition, God had been working in the person's life in various ways leading to a conviction of a need to go to church. Through a few conversations that person has begun to get connected to Christ's body, the church.

Our group was in the craft room making sailor hats and another crew leader called me over.  She told me that I had to see something.  She showed me one of the kids’ hat.   The boy then showed me two blobs on his hat: a red one and a blue one. Then he told me that they were "voluncanoes" and that the red one was the girl one and the blue one was the boy one. He said that they were "dating together." The other leader and I laughed so hard.  A couple minutes later he even drew a kiss on the boy one. The next time we were in the craft room, the kids were making backpacks, and sure enough, he made his "voluncanoes.”

VBS was once again an amazing week of ministry! There were several stories shared throughout the week, but there are some that I would like to share with all of you. First of all, there were MANY volunteers from every part of VBS who would come and share that this week really was impacting not only the children’s lives but theirs as well. From the music, to the Bible point, to the stories, crafts, games and skit, there was a wonderful connection that carried throughout each place the children and crew leaders went.

Out of my group of five kids, four of them said they had prayed the salvation prayer!

VBS was an absolute blast for me. I loved seeing all of my crew so on fire for God, and having so much fun. It was great seeing them sing and copy the crew leaders doing the dance moves! I just don't have a clue where they get all the energy from!!

One night, I was talking with a couple of the college age crew leaders. Both of them were amazed how God was causing the kids to grow from the first day to that night. For them, they wanted to share with the whole church how being a crew leader (guiding 5-6  children each night) was bringing them new relationships, a better understanding of what God was doing in those children and the fun of working with so many in a specific ministry. They really touched my heart with their enthusiasm! Several little ones would wake-up in the morning and ask almost all day J “When’s VBS start? When’s VBS start?” To say the least, the week was so rewarding. Thank you everyone who made it possible! God opened many doors through prayer. I hope you get to hear some more stories because God truly made it a special week!

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