As Summer Approaches: A Faith on Fire and Keeping Your Cool

First Cov'er, Melissa Falde, squeezes every ounce out of the summer season. But does soaking up the sun have an impact on taking our eyes off of the Son? Read on for ways to be purposeful in our priorities as the weather heats up and routines cool down. 

Bibles and Barbeques

With winter in our review mirror, we now turn our eyes, donned in sunglasses, to the warmer months Western Wisconsin has to offer. School schedules and bible studies are winding down, 3-day weekends bring a welcomed leisurely pace to life, and the longer days appeal for backyard and patio dwelling.

As we tuck routines and schedules in our back pockets for now, how can we as Christians continue to have a heart on fire for Jesus, one that is intentional in keeping Christ at the forefront of our lives? And as we carry on conversations at neighborhood barbecues, family reunions, and work potlucks, how can we keep our cool when we encounter opinions and lifestyles that don’t line up with ours?

Read on for practical ways to live out your faith in big, bold ways this summer.

Five Summer Tips to Keep Your Faith on Fire

  1. Choose a gospel to read each month.  For example, Matthew has 28 chapters, read one chapter each day in June (and have two bonus days to spare).
  2. Find ways to serve others as a family, small group, or neighborhood. Invite new or not yet met neighbors over for snacks and yard games – backyards are not as intimidating as a more formal meal.
  3. Write a letter to God.  Remember those letters from camp? Do the same in writing your observations, wants, likes, and dislikes, but with God as the recipient. You may find that He answers you in a whole new way.
  4. Go to a Christian bookstore and buy a new devotional. Bring the family along to start a mid-year tradition, as it encourages daily reading and can even become a new family mealtime discussion.
  5. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Be on the lookout for the goodness of God, and if you see it in others, be intentional to tell them that you saw God working in their lives!

Five Summer Tips To Keep Your Cool

  1. Be ready to pray. Ask God how to pray for your family and friends in hard situations.
  2. Be encouraging. Avoid being a critic; the world has enough already. Build others up with your kind and supportive words.
  3. Be honest (and gentle). Share your beliefs, your story, or your testimony.  And don’t forget to walk the talk in your daily life.
  4. Just love them. Love and trust go hand in hand in any relationship. Seek to create a relationship that fosters a safe environment.
  5. Invite them to church. The walls of a church can be intimidating to many, offer to pick them up ahead of time and let God do the rest.

While we serve a God who intricately designs each day, let us not lose sight of the race He has set before us. With hearts burning for Jesus and a great compassion for our neighbor, let us embrace the warm glow of this new season and be intentional to pursue each moment for His glory.

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  1. That was excellent and very inspiring to strengthen our walk with our Lord and savior Christ Jesus! Some day you will hear, "well done my good and faithful servant."
    • Melissa Falde
      Thank you so much for that encouraging word! I appreciate you taking the time to read it and leave a thoughtful comment!

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