All our bags are packed!

Setting up for the packing process

Getting started...

Where do we put all this stuff?! 
After weighing, adjusting, reweighing, adjusting more, and reweighing again, that bag was finally under 50#!

The guys packing crew: Mark, P. Todd, Lanny, Jim

Weighing in really close to 50#

More weighing of precious cargo...

Suitcases, suitcases everywhere!

Last minute weighing after adding popcorn kernels (for the community movie)

The team, tired after all that hard work!

Praying over the bags and our team before we left for the night

So, reality is upon us! We packed all the supplies last night at church. We met about 7:30, and commandeered the back hallway of the classroom wing. One side was tables with all our supplies, the other was open large suitcases, ready for filling. After collecting and sorting all the supplies on the tables, it appeared that God would have to perform a miracle to get all these items into the limited suitcase space. Thanks to so many people and their generous gifts of time, talents and treasure, we had an abundance of items to take with us. All of us were starting to get nervous about being able to pack it all! 

The progress was slow at first, figuring out where to start. Once we got started, though, it was a flurry of activity with all 14 people, all scurrying through that hallway. God was certainly in control, directing us, since we didn't get in each other's way hardly at all.
God performed a miracle last night, and we were able to take almost everything in those suitcases!
In just over an hour, we took piles of boxes and packed them for their journey. The final step in the process was a team photo and team prayer. 
Special Prayer Requests:
1. Safety of the team and cargo on the trip
2. Passage of the disassembled wheelchairs, which are a little over the airline required dimensions. May the flight staff pass over them and allow them to continue to their destination.
3. Coordination of the layover on the return trip in Atlanta, with a limited amount of time to make it through customs to make our connecting flight.
We thank you for your continued support (prayer and financial) as we prepare to leave tomorrow!
We will be flying out at 11:00am, and arriving in Quito, Ecuador late at night.
Updates and photos will be updated at least daily, whenever there is time...
Dios te bendiga! (God bless you!)

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