A World Re-Shaped

As the "big C" Church, we are part of a wide and diverse family of believers throughout the world. To that world we hope to share the good news (the translation of the word "gospel") of Jesus Christ.

Below is an interesting view of the world as we continue to be sharers of that message (often called missions). It shows the shape of the world if you drew the lines by population numbers. Some countries almost disappear while others expand out to almost unimaginable areas (notice China). (1 grid square represents 1 million people)

How does this impact the way you might pray for the people's of the world?

For a close-up click on the image below.

World Scaled by Population



Map Source: Gizmodo.

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  1. Praymore
    Interesting map. As to the question, it reminds me I don't pray for the world much...but should.
  2. Anonymous
    Wow, look at China & India!
  3. john
    great post!

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